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Physical Therapy & Wellness Services
with KIND PT & Wellness

New Client 1 on 1 Consults

This appointment is for every new member to KIND PT & Wellness. Your first visit will be up to 50 minutes in duration which allows for adequate coffee time chat to have a detailed discussion about you, your symptoms, and your health and wellness goals. Your PT will then find the source of the fire that caused your pain (rather than just putting out the smoke). There will be time for treatment that provides you with a way to start managing your symptoms and help you feel better following your first day. We will then discuss your treatment plan and everything we can do together to help you recover and/or live a healthy life. This time spent together allows your PT to really have a full understanding of who you are, what needs to be addressed, and what your goals are in the most comprehensive way without any interruptions or constraints.

Follow Up 1 on 1 Visits

These are tailored sessions lasting up to 50 minutes in duration. These are physical therapy or wellness style visits. These sessions may include numerous interventions such as manual therapy, stability and mobility exercises, functional movements to incorporate into your daily tasks and performance style training to help you resume or improve your recreational activities.


The goal is to help you feel better with each visit quicker than what you normally would in any other PT clinic or gym setting. You have full one on one time with your PT allowing the most comprehensive treatment possible.

PT Rehab Package

6 sessions to be completed within 45 days of first session start date. Package to only be available after new client consult is performed.

These 50 minute visits are packaged together to allow for a quicker improvement in your symptoms and/or return you back to your wellness activities and providing you the faster results you are searching for.

You still (and always will) have one on one time with your PT and within those first 6 visits will feel the gears shifting at a faster pace to get you back to where you want to be. 

Kind Wellness Plan
"The Kind Way"

The accountability, maintenance, and advocacy that you are looking for! This is the plan for many of you that will keep you healthy and well, living your best life, with your team of proactive health advisors. 


This plan includes 2 in person visits per month with your PT as well as telehealth visits with your very own pharmacist, RN/nutritionist as well as our exclusive monthly wellness/fitness programming & newsletter, and unlimited messaging access to your concierge wellness team.


*Please note, this is a 3 month minimum contract.

Exercise Programming

This is for you and only YOU! This is not your generic, high intensity, group workout class at the local gym or that you stream and purchase online. This is also not your “you have to go the gym and workout” workout. This is YOUR individualized wellness or what I like to say “fit-ish” routine that keeps you moving like you should, addressing your limitations or weak spots to keep you safe and well, preventing further injuries or problems.

Golf Screening Evaluations

If you are a golfer and want to have a personalized screening by a Titleist Performance Institute trained clinician performed, then this is for you. Cassie can evaluate a golfer’s readiness using a physical assessment screen with further medical examination of any physical limitations which can inhibit swing efficiency, durability and, ultimately, enjoyment of the game. It helps quickly identify the key area that can be holding you back from playing your best or that may be a cause of your pain during or after the game. Overall improving stability and mobility deficits for each client who enjoys the game of golf. There is always a game plan implemented following your evaluation to determine appropriate exercises or workouts.

Ergonomics Assessments

30 - 60 minute onsite consultation with Dr. Cassie to examine your office or work from home workstation. The assessment will utilize an ergonomics checklist which leads to a worksite ergo analysis report sent to you following your visit. In addition, Cassie will discuss and send recommendations from the areas of concern in the analysis report, providing weblinks for equipment modifications/ideas. Further, you’ll receive video and in person instruction of mobility and postural activities to complete during your work day to ward off any other aches or pains.  

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