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The KIND Way

Kind Wellness Plan

The accountability, maintenance, and advocacy that you are looking for to better your lifestyle and wellness.  This is the plan for many of you that keeps you healthy and well, living your best life, by providing you with your personal team of proactive health advisors.

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The Plan

As a purchased package member, your plan includes:

2 in-person visits per month with your PT,  monthly wellness/fitness programming/updating by your PT and unlimited messaging access to your PT;

Telehealth visits, medication consults and unlimited messaging access to your pharmacist;

Telehealth visits according to your care plan and wellness needs determined and evaluated each month and unlimited messaging access to your RN. 

We take care of the job of taking care of yourself.

KIND takes care of the job of taking care of yourself by removing the additional headaches of insurance approvals, talking to phone recordings, the forever long appointment scheduling, and the "one-size-fits-all" quick answer you receive from the doctor - once you finally get that appointment!  With KIND's client portal, you have the ability to message your providers directly and may have follow-up KIND care team virtual video calls to assist with your wellness path.

In addition to access to your personal healthcare providers who create a care plan to keep you healthy and moving throughout all of life's adventures, you will also receive subscriber exclusive benefits such as our monthly newsletter, healthy recipes, and more!

*Please note, this is a 3-month minimum contract.

Meet Your Team

Cassie Kind PT practice-102_websize.jpg

Dr. Cassie Alderks


Dr. Cassie went to PT school at Carroll University in Wisconsin and has been practicing PT for 8 years. She believes movement is medicine. When Cassie is not treating clients, she enjoys running, kicking, lifting, biking, boarding, and never sits down for too long (which could be why she has an abundance of shoes). 

Dr. Cassie offers physical therapy new client consults and single follow up treatments which are one-on-one and 1 hour in duration. She offers recommendations on appropriate care for your rehab or wellness journey with package and subscription options that fit your needs. Many sessions are spent on manual interventions such as dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue work, joint and soft tissue mobility to address underlying neuromusculoskeletal issues and compensations found after thorough examination and instruction/education on appropriate therapeutic exercises. In addition, she provides ergonomic assessments at the workplace, golf screening evaluations, and individualized exercise plans. 


Dr. Kelsey Alderks


Dr. Kelsey went to pharmacy school at Drake University in Iowa and has now been practicing pharmacy for 11 years.  Her passion lies in diabetes management.  Outside of work, she loves to run, read, and spend time with her cat, Frannie! She's also working towards getting her ASL interpreters license.

Dr. Kelsey offers new client medication consults to review your current medications (Rx & OTC), assess appropriate dose and usage of medications, help manage side effects and offer administration tips to ensure best absorption as well as provide information about new drugs on the market and recommend vaccines based on age and any health conditions.  Dr. Kelsey can also virtually attend appointments with you to act as your medical advocate to explain and help you make the most informed decision about what your physician may be recommending.


Mary Panther


Mary has 40 years of nursing experience and is a certified case manager.  She has worked in home care, occupational services, hospital quality management, and in clinic settings with an expertise in diabetics.  She is wellness focused and believes that knowledge is power when making health and lifestyle choices! She is a Rockford University graduate and spends her weekends traveling, biking and kayaking! She enjoys time with her husband, family and her grandson, as well as with her dog, Guiness! 

Mary offers the following services as part of your wellness team: disease specific consultations, weight management education, osteoporosis prevention, plans for smoking cessation, sleep hygiene, managing stress, education and creation of nutrition plans with sustainable and enjoyable options tailored to each client including grocery shopping tips, nutrition for managing blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels and so much more!

IMG_3426 2_edited.png

Ali Clark

Operations Manager 

Ali studied Business Operations at Ohio University and has spent almost 20 years working with executives on improving the people, systems, and processes in their businesses so they can focus on growth.  As a recent transplant from the Midwest to Florida, she's enjoying her first snow-free winter with lots of outdoor time.  If she's not walking the beach or riding her bike, she's reading some sort of business book with her soon-to-be husband and her two dogs, Beau Pickles and Pablo!

Ali also had a  stint in the health insurance world, and based on that experience coupled with getting to know Dr. Cassie, she believes strongly in the concierge model that KIND is providing!

Interested in learning more about the WAY to live healthier for longer?

We'll be in touch soon!

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